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Uriel De Alba Munoz

February 6, 1949 ~ December 23, 2018 (age 69)

Uriel De Alba Munoz


Uriel was born on February 4th, 1949 in the small town of Poblado Anahuac, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He was the 7th child of a family of nine, born to Antonio De Alba and Herminia Munoz. His father was in agriculture and his mother was a city-raised girl who had to accommodate to a humble life of a hard-working family. Even in this small footprint in life, space and time, these parents were careful and able to teach their children respect to others, integrity in every deed, responsibility and hard work.

Growing up in these circumstances comes with a price of lacking and the need to survive. Even as a child, Uriel had noticeable traits that were a bit advanced for his age. He was curious, independent, and highly inquisitive and wanted an answer for everything. There had to be a practical way of looking at things and a practical way of putting everything in its place.

He was also a normal child with a sweet tooth. He had to figure out how to take care of this on his own. When he was able, he started to mingle with workers or farmhands to offer his help and maybe they would share some of their lunch or better yet, some sweet soda. Hanging around older men and nourishing his brain with sweets and other matters of life was a good way of thrusting a little life to reality. He was molded in his own right and understanding.  Uriel was being prepared even as a child to be very street smart. Add to that his abilities and God-given traits, he became mechanical, practical, and logical. He had a lot of common sense and was naturally business savvy.

This deep-rooted curiosity for wisdom could be seen since his early childhood. All of his siblings could attest to this. He would ask them many questions. There is a story when it was the cotton harvest time. Everyone had to work to harvest this precious commodity. Uriel was no taller than the cotton plants, so the only way he knew he was close to everyone was to ask questions and for his siblings to answer back. Everyone was a bit annoyed with him and kept telling him “ya callate!” (meaning “be quiet!”) So one of his questions was “how come I have never seen a father that is younger than his son? Why? Why? (Eh? Eh?). Everyone is pretty much advanced at the furrows of cotton, so no one answered or did not want to answer his silly questions. He looks up and sees nothing and runs forward for the sake of not being alone. He keeps picking cotton in this new spot and continues asking more questions.

He was also a being with strong feelings against injustice. Even at a young age he would defend others who were bullied even if he was the one taking the blows to his face - and he had many scars to show for it. He created a reputation larger than life. He had many people surround him for advice, insight, simple know-how, protection or just to be close to this person who had a radiance and magnetism.

Uriel was also known for his never-ending love and care, which left a mark in every aspect of the life of his friends and family. He was the pillar and guardian of his family. But his heart was much too big to keep just amongst his family. He had a huge heart for all people. He was a loving, genuine, trusting and open person who enjoyed getting to know anyone who he came across and being of service to them in any way he could. He received great joy in sharing his blessings and wise counsel with others. Endless times his family saw him be betrayed and his heart broken but his love for people and openness never left him. God gave him the gift of giving and serving others and nothing would extinguish that.

Uriel’s love also extended to his animals. He cared deeply for their well-being and he appreciated the loyalty and unconditional love of his dogs.

Uriel was successful in every endeavor he set his mind to. He was a rancher, farmer, a businessman and a man of many traits. Most importantly he was a loving father. Uriel and his wife Dora had a small family, Gabriela, Veronica, and Ana. Also, part of this family is their grandchildren Tanya, Nicolas, Uziel, and Diego, and their great grandchildren DeMarco, Leah, and Jeremiah.

Uriel had many accomplishments throughout life, but the ultimate accomplishment that Uriel and his family held of highest regard was that he is now at his final home with his Creator. When Uriel was young, he had accepted Jesus as his savior at one point when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He was devastated and had promised God he would give his life to Him and to please heal his mother.  God did a miracle in her and healed her of cancer. Uriel always spoke of his debt to God. He always had a genuine love for his Heavenly Father.

Uriel’s family is grateful that he was able to recommit and make peace with his Maker. He will be missed greatly by all who he left behind but their greatest consolation is that they will be reunited with him one day soon.

A gathering of family and friends will be held Friday, December 28, 2018 at Rivera Funeral Home,1901 Pecan Blvd. in McAllen from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Entombment will follow to Valley Memorial Cemetery in Mission.

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